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Open 7 Days a Week (except some holidays)
At the top of Wisconsin,
on the shores of Lake Superior
29270 County Highway G
Ashland, WI 54806

Staff Directory

Name Area Phone Number Ext. Email Org Title
Becky Sapper Ground 715-685-2652 2652 [email protected] UWExt Wisconsin Master Naturalist Program Director
Carol Seago Book Store 715-685-2669 2669 [email protected] FOCAL Spirit of the North Gift Shop Clerk
Caroline Stedman Main Floor 715-685-2662 2662 [email protected] NPS Supervisory Visitor Use Assistant
Cathy Techtmann Admin 715-561-2695 2121 [email protected] UWExt Environmental Outreach Specialist
Donna Kurilla Book Store 715-685-2659 2659 [email protected] FOCAL Executive Director FOCAL/Spirit of the North Gift Shop Manager
Donna Maday Ground 715-685-9983 2664 [email protected] FS Experience Works Trainee
Elaine Peterson Main Floor 715-685-2663 2660 FS FS Front Desk Volunteer
Heidi Knoke Book Store 715-685-2669 2669 FOCAL Spirit of the North Gift Shop Clerk
Jason (Jake) Cook Ground 715-685-2673 2673 [email protected] FOCAL Custodian
Jason L. Maloney Admin 715-685-2642 2643 [email protected] FS Center Director
Jerry Van Cleve Ground 715-685-2671 2671 [email protected] FS Forest Silviculturalist
Karin Kozie Main Floor 715-685-9983 2663 NPS Visitor Use Assistant
Kelly Grenquist Main Floor 715-685-2662 2662 [email protected] NPS Visitor Use Assistant
Kristine Roberts Ground 715-685-2670 2670 [email protected] FS Property Management Technician
Linda Mittlestadt Archives 715-685-2649 2649 [email protected] WHS Archivist
Magge Ericson Ground 715-685-2672 2672 [email protected] FS FS Volunteer Coordinator
Mike LaGrew Main Floor 715-685-9983 2673 FOCAL Janitor
Mike Mlynarek Second Floor 715-685-2666 2666 [email protected] USF&W Biologist
Monica Van Cleve Admin 715-685-2643 2643 [email protected] FS Support Services Specialist
Pamela Ekholm Archives 715-685-2647 2647 [email protected] WHS Administrative Assistant
Rhonda Smith Main Floor 715-685-2669 2669 FOCAL Book Store Clerk
Rich DePerry Ground 715-685-2673 2673 [email protected] NPS Maintenance Worker
Room (event) Scheduling 715-685-2660 [email protected]
Rose Haveri Main Floor 715-685-2660 2660 [email protected] WHS NGLVC Visitor Services Coordinator
Sandy Brue Main Floor 715-685-9983 2660 [email protected] FOCAL Front Desk Visitor Services
Steve Hoecker Main Floor 715-685-2663 2660 NPS NPS Front Desk Volunteer
Susan Nelson Second Floor 715-685-2644 2644 [email protected] FS Interpretive Services Specialist
Taylor Tibbals Ground 715-685-2676 [email protected] UWExt Lake Superior Northwoods Outreach Coordinator
Valerie Damstra Ground 715-685-2667 2667 [email protected] UWExt Lake Superior Landscape Restoration Coordinator
Wayne Gilbert Ground 715-685-2673 2673 FS FS Building and Grounds Volunteer